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Veterinary Feedbacks

"Used correctly with a Chinese diagnosis, I think Chinese herbs are one of the most powerful tools in my toolbox, not only to treat disease, but in many cases, to cure it. I use Chinese Herbal Medicine for many internal medicine cases, including insulin resistance, diabetes, seizures, COPD, digestive complaints, and many others, as well as some musculoskeletal pain. Compared to western medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine is much more closely tailored to the animal's problems with no side effects. There are better, more curative results in most cases."

-- Joyce Harman DVM, MRCVS
   Harmany Equine Clinic, Ltd
   Flint Hill, VA
   (Acupuncture, chiropractic, herbs, homeopathy, saddle fit)

"Western drug therapies in general can be effective for short term intervention, but the Chinese Herbals are what restore the health, provide real quality of life, and allow weaning from the harsher drugs that are causing side effects. Chinese Herbal Medicine allows the treatment benefits to be enhanced at home between appointments. It continues the draining, moving, or tonifying. It allows the body to heal and reach a better balance- restoration of homeostasis- The herbs can dramatically improve quality of life and resolve horrible, debilitating disease."
-- Constance DiNatale, DVM
   Veterinary Acupuncture and Complementary Therapy
   Winter Park, FL

"Western drug therapies are strong, but their strength is also their liability with the side effects often more common than the primary therapeutic effect. It is common for new drugs to be withdrawn from the market a few years after introduction due to serious injury and deaths. They may be too directed and too chemically monotonous. And all western medications are only tested for short-term use, while the doctors and veterinarians commonly prescribe them for long periods, if not the life of a patient.

"Chinese Herbal Medicine has been tested on millions of humans and tens of thousands of for 2000 years. Thus, we know not only their effects but have seen deleterious secondary effects and the doctors have made changes in the formula or herb processing to reduce or eliminate those effects. The safety and efficacy of TVCM Herbs is well-established."

-- Bruce Ferguson DVM, MS
   Murdoch University, Australia
   (Small animals and exotics -acupuncture, herbal medicine, TuiNa -Chinese body work and nutrition, both western and TCVM.)

“A number of my patients are alive today because of Chinese herbal formulas from Dr. Xie's Jing Tang Herbal. I have numerous cases where patients were at a dead-end with Western medicine. They were non-responsive to or unable to take Western pharmaceuticals, and TCVM was their final options before euthanasia. Cancer patients and those with other terminal disease typically have an improved quality of life and likely have longer survival times when treated with Chinese herbal formulas. I am happy to have more viable treatment options for my patients but am even happier with their response to Chinese herbs and acupuncture.”


"I felt like I was unable to help a lot of animals and was brutalizing them with toxic drugs and procedures. I needed more tools than surgery, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. Chinese Herbal Medicine helps to heal health problems rather than mask the problems by treating the symptoms. In my daily practice, I integrate my western examination with an eastern examination including tongue and pulse and body scan. Eastern medicine combined with western medicine, has made me a much more effective and successful veterinarian. I would never practice one without the other. The animals have a better quality of life, and, often a longer life span. I often give the client a money back guarantee if they are not happy with the herb. How can they beat that?"
-- Joan D. Winter
   Simi Valley, CA
   (mobile animal practice- dogs, cats, equine)
"Traditional Chinese Medicine, being the only one true holistic medical system, is exactly what my clients and patients need. I own and operate one practice that is a 100% feline practice. Cats are a very special species with very unique problems and characteristics that make every day working with them a new challenge. My other practice does 100% holistic, mainly of complicated, geriatric, cancer and other terminal disease situations. I hope to change the focus of animal well being so that in the future, through proper nutrition and eliminating harmful procedures like over-vaccination and misuse of pharmaceuticals that our companion animals will live much longer, much healthier lives. Pharmaceuticals so often have undesirable side effects; it is not hard to understand the fight cats put up to avoid taking them. Chinese herbs, food therapy and acupuncture are so well received by cats that I knew this style of healing was safe and effective."
-- Patricia Jordan, DVM
   Coastline Veterinary Services, PA
   and Coastal Cat Clinic
   Jacksonville, North Carolina

Pet Owners' Feedbacks

"I had taken Buttercup, our Domestic Shorthair cat, to my regular veterinarian three years ago for a checkup. He told me at that time, based on her blood work values, Buttercup would only be with us for six more months at the most due to chronic renal failure. I refused to believe that there was nothing else we could do for her and sought treatment with Dr. Xie. With Dr. Xie's gentle and knowledgeable help through acupuncture and herbal treatment, and lots of love from her family, she has been with us for three extra years and is still going strong. We are eternally grateful for every extra day we have with her and truly believe in the power that these treatments hold."
-- Linda Chervenak Maze
   Gainesville, FL
"My 20-year-old Mustang mare, Cheyenne, has had problems with heaves (equine asthma) for four years. Treating Cheyenne with conventional treatment was no longer working and had the potential of creating more disease such as Cushing's Syndrome and laminitis, which can also become life threatening. I have been using Chinese Herbal Medicine for the past year. In three to seven days I saw results. Her labored respirations decreased and finally went back to baseline."
-- Lana Haven
   Ocala, FL
"Rudy, my Bichon Frise, was diagnosed with scoliosis. Due to the curvature, his barking was affected and hurt him. He would chew on his paws and nip at his backside. He stopped playing and jumping due to the pain and began to sulk. After only a couple of treatments, he was back to his normal self. Changes were noticeable right away.Rudy comes running for his pills, given on a cookie topped with peanut-butter. His results speak for themselves. It's everything we'd hoped for."
-- Suzette Thibault
   Gainesville, FL
"I have 4 dogs and 18 cats, all rescues. Dr. Xie has helped me with them for years. Phoenix was a pit bull who was rescued from being trained to fight. She had serious problems with aggression and one trainer even said she would probably have to be put to sleep, but Dr. Xie successfully treated her with mind-calming herbal medication and she is a different dog today. Herbal medicine also cleared up her severe skin conditions.

"With all of my animals that Dr. Xie has treated, he's given them a new life.
This was evidenced most dramatically with Phoenix, but also with the others.Maggie started acting like a puppy after he treated her for horrible hip dysplasia, and she continued to be that way for the rest of her life.

"For some of my animals there really wasn't an alternative with ‘modern medicine.'The beautiful part is that Chinese Herbal Medicine and acupuncture address the problem and fix it -- they don't just mask symptoms. Dr. Xie truly is a lifesaver and I wish more people were aware of the alternatives that are out there, especially for the ‘hopeless cases.
-- Pamela Sebree
   Gainesville, FL

"My 14-year-old Chihuahua, Andi, was experiencing difficulty and pain with movement in his back hindquarter. Dr. Xie found that he had calcification on his hip along with some hip dysplasia. Testing revealed that Andi also had a heart murmur and water in his lungs. I knew continued use of steroids would shorten Andi's life span.I wanted something more natural for him and opted for acupuncture. As for Andi's murmur and keeping his lungs free of water, conventional medicine would have put his kidneys at risk.

"The acupuncture started working on Andi very quickly for his pain and movement disorder. Almost immediately I could see results, and with each session thereafter he became stronger and freer of pain. The herbal treatment took about a month to six weeks to see results. Seven to eight months after Andi was put on the herbal medication, Dr. Xie requested a cardiology work-up, blood tests, and x-rays, which verified that the heart muscle strengthening herbs were keeping Andi's lungs free of water and his murmur from becoming worse.

"Andi, as of this writing is doing miraculous. The acupuncture has freed him of the disabling pain he was experiencing. Both Andi and I will forever be thankful to the knowledge and many years of experience that Dr. Xie has brought to our country. He has helped us to understand that there is more than just one type of treatment and that the knowledge of both worlds (eastern and western medicines) combined can offer so much more help to our pets."

-- Roberta Morley
   Altamonte Springs, FL

"Our two German Shepherds, Abby and Tigger, were both adopted from the ASPCA as adults. We first saw Dr. Xie in 2000 after being referred because Abby had serious urinary incontinence that our veterinarian treated with all available medicines unsuccessfully. Dr. Xie treated Abby with acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. After approximately two months, Abby's incontinence stopped. She was also very allergic and Dr. Xie treated her with herbal medicine to help eliminate the problem. Abby also has chronic urinary bladder infections and Dr. Xie is in the process of treating these with diet change, herbal medicine and acupuncture to strengthen her immune system. During this period of treatment, western medicine antibiotics are mixed in by our regular veterinarian.

Tigger has degenerative myelopathy (spinal cord disease), arthritis and hip dysplasia. Dr. Xie treats Tigger with acupuncture and herbal medicine for pain control. This treatment aids Tigger by limiting the reliance on western medicine's pain drugs like Zubrin with their negative side effects. We still have to give Tigger occasional Zubrin for pain at times, but Dr. Xie's treatments, in combination with swimming, have helped us go from 16 doses a month down to four doses last month.

Abby and Tigger have had such a combination of modern and TCM treatment, it is impossible to say specifically if herbal medicine is the specific cure factor. But it most certainly helps in the overall well being of our dogs."

-- Dennis Doty
   Lakeland, FL


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